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What this Blog IS NOT

This blog is not, obviously a substitute for legal counsel or law school.  This blog will discuss very little about criminal law since I have no experience and it is beyond the scope of this particular site.  This blog is not all inclusive.  Any legal issue is fact specific – meaning the application of the law or strategy employed is dependent on the individual circumstances.  Therefore we cannot contemplate all the possible scenarios involved in even the simplest types of issues.  This blog  is not designed to build your confidence to the point that you venture beyond your abilities, nor is it designed for you to be able to give legal advice to others (which is illegal).

During my career I have had the fortune or misfortune of being involved in: real estate law, foreclosure and debt collection law, corporations and partnerships, copyright, trademark and patent law, employment law, administrative law, contract law, securities law, civil rights, estate and probate law, tax law and landlord/tenant law.  I have been a plaintiff, defendant and expert witness.

My informal legal education began in 1990 when a former employer came after me for a promissory note which I signed when I came to work there.  Unfortunately, they didn’t live up to their promises and I left.  The note was forgiven over a four-year period provided I stayed four years, I stayed 2 1/2.  I couldn’t pay them back and they filed an arbitration claim almost nine months later.  Immediately I went on the search for a lawyer, especially one familiar with arbitration and the securities industry.  Not only were there few, even in a big city like Dallas, but most were reluctant to work for a few bowls of porage and bread.  I scraped together the money for an attorney and ultimately settled for cents on the dollar.  Those were anxious moments, being faced with a large debt, interest, legal fees and potentially the other side’s legal fees.  My legal fees turned out to be as much as my settlement.  I found out quickly how expensive lawyers were.  Now people would say, “of course the fees were higher than the claim itself, that’s how It works”.

We are programmed to think that attorneys make the world go around.  Without them we would have no streets, or food, or order, or cities.  We would indeed be relegated to cave people communicating with grunts and using spears to catch our dinner.  In my book, you will get a simple explanation of our legal system and how to use it to your advantage. You will learn how to file a lawsuit, where to file it, how to defend a lawsuit, use discovery, conduct depositions – all without a lawyer.  There is no substitute for competent legal advice, however you may not have a choice and you would be surprised what you can do on your own