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This site is designed to empower lay people who don’t want or can’t afford an attorney – and most importantly how to manage your attorney.  Far too many folks file bankruptcy for the wrong reasons or fail to answer lawsuits out of fear and wind up with default judgments.  To many people, the legal system is complex and intimidating.  We feel we must hire lawyers because they’ve invented their own language and only they can speak it.  Certainly there is a place for attorneys in our country, but far too much money is spent needlessly on legal fees and far too many people fail to assert their rights and are taken advantage of.  The truth is any person can represent themselves in any court or forum (with very few exceptions), file lawsuits, defend lawsuits and perform a myriad of tasks which are normally done by attorneys.  I know, because I’ve done it.  I have represented my self in every type of court there is including Federal Appeals Courts for the 5th and DC circuits.  I have acted as an expert witness in securities fraud cases.  I have helped people recover hundreds of thousands of dollars by advising attorneys.  Attorneys have paid me far more than I will ever pay them – I hope.  I AM NOT an attorney and throughout this site I will continually advise you to always seek competent legal advice.  There is, however, so much you can do on your own if you know where to look.

Who Should Read This Blog?

Eventually, everyone is going to deal with legal issues.  Whether you are dealing with landlord/tenant issues, trademark issues, employment issues, corporations, lawsuits, or debt collectors you can help yourself tremendously by doing a little research and becoming your own “in-house” counsel.  Before we go any further, let me say that there is no substitute for competent legal counsel.  If you need an attorney and can afford an attorney you will save time and grief by hiring the right lawyer.  Regardless of how little or big your legal woes, by reading this book, you will at least be able to manage lawyers much more efficiently and reduce your legal fees.  Or perhaps actually perform many of the same tasks yourself and save the $200 -$300/hour.  It has been said “a lawyer who represents himself has fool for a client”.  I think that was written by the lawyer’s retirement fund.

What this blog is

This blog is the result of over twenty years of business experience.  It is written from the perspective of a business person, consumer, husband, and father.  It is designed to help you make use of your own resources.  After all, the only thing law school does is teach an attorney how to find and make use of his legal resources – oh and pass the bar!

We will discuss many of the legal issues you are bound to encounter during your life, or perhaps people who are close to you.  In each case we will cover what you should do, where you should look for answers, and we will always exhort you to consult an attorney.  We do that because it is good advice, but we know what some won’t, or can’t so its better to do something rather than nothing.  With the advent of the Internet, an enormous amount of research can be done from your living room.  Knowledge is power.  In the legal world it is called leverage.  Almost all legal dealings involve leverage, who has it and who is using it. The better informed you are going into any situation or confrontation, the more leverage you’ll have and the less intimidated you will be. Take for example a simple police interrogation.  You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.  However, if you allow them, the police can continue their interrogation in an attempt to break you down.  If, on the other hand you know your rights you can insist on having an attorney present and say nothing.  You may also know that they can only hold you for a certain period of time without charging you.

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